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Event and Calendar Request

Crean Lutheran's facilities team will be taking over management of the Facilities Calendar with the assistance of Will Robinson who will be taking on this responsibility. 

In order for us to serve our saints community in this capacity, we wanted to provide you with the best way for you to book your event in order to eliminate as many issues as possible. 

When making a request for your event, please be sure to provide Will Robinson with the following information once your event has been approved by your department head, no later than 7 days prior to the event:

  1. Who is the event for and who is the primary point of contact for the event?

  2. What will be taking place?

  3. Where will it be held?

  4. When will it start and finish? (including setup and breakdown times)

  5. Why is this event being held?

  6. Additional Details:  Links to ticket sales, attached fliers, sign-up sheets, etc.

This information can be provided via email at or through the Dude Solutions Event Requestor in the Summary section. Once the event is confirmed in the Facilities Calendar, our team will also add the necessary events to the Public Master Calendar visible on the website. 


Who: Drama Club, POC is Leslee Myers
What: Drama Club Annual Performance
Where: Event Center, Dance Room for prep
When: Saturday, March 19th from 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Why: The Drama Club conducts an annual showcase event to share their talents and gifts with our Crean Lutheran community.  Ticket sale proceeds go towards supporting programs for at-risk youth in the performing arts.
Additional Details: Event starts at 7PM, setup will begin at 6:30. We expect to be fully torn down by 8:30PM.  Current ticket sales reflect approx 65 attendees.  Ticket sales will close on Friday, March 18th with no sales at the door.  The link is provided *here* and attached is a flier for the event.


Also, if your event needs assistance from facilities for additional setup/tables/etc., please follow the link below to submit a work order. 

Facilities and IT Work Request Form