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Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education

Our Champions

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. 2 Corinthians 9:11

Thank you to all who have given to the Press On Campaign.
We have been blessed by this journey with you and
we thank the Lord
for your generosity and faithful support.

Allen, Dara

Amarasuriya, Duleep and Jamie

Ameli, Jesse and Tammi

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. 

Anderson, Mike and Francheska

Angier, Peter and Ida

Angier, Jeff and Liza

Anonymous (4)

Anthony, Mark and Helene

Antoun, Jacqueline

Arldt, Mike and Meredith

Ashmon, Scott and Ann

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Baker, Dan and Susan

Ban, Ivan and Susan Lee

Bancroft, Ellen

Bareford, Wes and Janet

Bark, Elliott and Carrie

Barre, Tracy and Emily

Barrot, Jim and Yvonne

Bartlett, Bill and Cindy

Beavers, Jeffrey and Lisa

Beavers, Maddie

Beavers, Jillian

Beavers, Benjamin

Beavis, Wes and Ellie

Beniche, Frank and Lori

Benne, Bruce J

Berg, Scott and Sarah

Berkel, Jeffrey and Susan

Betz, Brian and Christie

Beyer, Ken and Amy

Black, Adam and Franchesca

Bloomfield, Keegan and Anna

Borland, Michael and Caryn

Brajevich, Nick and Liann

Brandt, Arthur and Ruth

Brenner, John and Tammy

Broderick, Jay and Allison

Bryan, James and Ashlee

Buettell, Bruce and Stephanie

Burkhart, Mitchell and Tammie

Burrows, Mary

Busdeicker, David

Busdeicker, Dylan

Butler, Tim and Robyn

Caiozzo, Steve and Kris

Calderon, Irene

Calderon Settlements Group

Campbell, Jill

Capital Group Foundation

Carney, Dan and Vicki

Caruthers, Steve and Carrie

Caryn Hildenbrand Living Trust 

Case, Larry and Stacy

Case, Forrest

Cernich, Paul and Yvonne

Chae, Ji Sook

Chae, Seunghan

Chamberlain, Darryl and Linda

Chang, Mi Sook

Chang, Vincent and Fiona

Chao, Mark and Michelle

Chen, Marco

Chen, Weizhong

Cheng, Chris and Elizabeth

Cheng, Xiaoxiao

Cheng, Zhong Ning

Cheung, Ruth and Jason

Cho, Eunhee

Cho, Chunsoon

Cho, David and Jae Hyun

Cho, Chang and Linda

Cho, Eun Joo

Choi, Miseon

Choi, Seunmi

Choi, Woojin

Chung, Brian and Yun

Chung, Samuel and Jiyong

City of Irvine

Clifford, Jack and Beverly

Codorniz, Eric and Heidi

Concordia University Irvine

Cooke, Stephen and Adrienne

Copple, Brian and Pamela

Crawford, Stephen

Crichton, Andrew and Shelley

Cuddyer, Paul and Kuniko

Curtis, John Rick and Mary

Cutting Edge Supply Co.

Dahler, Mark and Karen

DaVall, George

Dawson, Tyler and Leah

DeBorde, George and Maria

Delfino, Jodi

DeMars, Danielle

DeMars, Dave and Kerri

Deol, Matthew and Nichole

Design Space Modular

Deyke, Eric and Nicole

Diaz, David and Margie

Didodo, Shana

Doddridge, Andrea

Doddridge, Paul and Kaye

Dong, Shuyuan

Duberow, Bryan and Loretta

Dunn, Randy and Kami

DuPree, Duane and Katrina

Eastin, Jeffrey and Elizabeth

Eaton, Dr. Martin and Debra

Eich, Christopher and Tiffany

Ellwein, Craig and Lisa

Ellwein, Ken and Judy

Elson, Nathan and Cheryl

Estrada, Bronwen and Joe

Fairchild, Michael and Noel

Feng, Yi and Gengpu

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Fink, Ryan and Jessica

Fink, Kristin

Fink, Jenna

Fisher, Ben

Fitzgerald, James and Toija

Fleischli, Sue

Flores, David and Marianela

Fluegge, Glenn and Susan

Fluor Foundation

Folsom, Lynda

Foy, Brian and Wendy

Frankel, John and Dottie

Froeschner, Eric and Dawn

Galentine, Kellie

Garcia, Donald and Wendy

Georggin, Angelo and Despina

Ghassemi, Mark and Hilda

Gooden, Aubree

Graham, Mildred

Griffin, Joshua and Angela

Guntrip, Tom and Julie

Hall, Andrea

Haller, Erik

Hammerle, Michael

Haney, Jake and Amy

Hensley, Joe and Lauren

Herrington, Mary

Hess, Campbell and Paula

Hong, Kyung Hee and May

Hood, Matthew

Horn, Robert and Keigh Lee

Howell, Mark and Lauri

Huan, Anling

Huang, Sishuang

Hur, Jeonghey

Hutcheson, Jerry

Hwang, James

Hwang, Steven and Kayla

Hyepock, Douglas and Amy

Jaeger, Tim and Lori

James L. Stamps Foundation

Jensen, Paul and Pam

Jernegan, Anthony and Lara

Ji, Daejoong

Jiang, Chen

Jin, Xudong

John & Ursula Kanel Foundation

Johnston, Brett and LaVelle

Jones, Alex and Alyssa

Jones, Rob and Valerie

Jordan, Jeff and Claudia

Jung, Hyo Gyeong

Jung, Doosuk and Haesook

Kan, Bo Kyun and Hye Suk

Kang, Hyunjung

Kang, Miyoun

Kapoor, Anil and Gita

Kappos, John and Lilian Chang

Keary, Grant and Karen

Kempik, Phillip and Michele

Kenjohn & Jacque Wang Fndtn

Kester, David and Valerie

Kezerle, Daniel and Patricia

Kim, Hyun Joong

Kim, Mina

Kim, Hyun Sook

Kim, Youngmi

Kim, Boyoun

Kim, Dongwook and Dongae

Kim, Hyungsoo and Hyeran

Kim, Daniel and Jung Hee

Kim, Eugene and Eun Chu

Kim, Junghwan and Amy

Kim, Jeong-Gyu

Kim, Sungwoo

Kingsbury, Eugene and Susan

Kinkelaar, Brad and LeAnne

Kirby, Jordan

Klein, Chris and Angela

Klitzing, Nate and Ashley

Koski, Jeff and Traci

Koval, Jim and Cindy

Kramer, Loren and Arlene

Kretzmann, Nate and Terri

Kretzmann, Andrew

Krueger, Kurt and Val

Kunau, Jim and Betsy

Kuntz, Mark and Mei

Kuntz, John and Marian

Kurimay, Daniel and Rachelle

Kwon, Youngah

La France, Hugues

Lah, Jehy and Sherrie

Lammers, Mark

Lari, Tom and Wendy

LCMS Foundation

Le, Peter and Nina

Leach, Rick and Kathy

Lee, Hyuksung

Lee, Kristy

Lee, Owen and Agnes

Lee, Troy and Jane

Lee, Chi Ho

Lee, Hyung Koo

Lee, John and Soo

Leuteritz, Kimiya

Leuteritz, Mark and Lea

Lezama, Jerry and Emmalee

Li, Yan

Li, Jun

Li, Yong and Ran

Li, Zeng (Lisa)

Lin, Bin

Liu, Xin

Loeb, Austin

Long, Harrison and Christi

Lopez, Robert and Rhonda

Lowell, Ed and Brenda

Luciano, Mark and Alice

Lukanish, Lawrence and Cyndi

Luther, Tom and Lisa

Lyons, Natalie

Lyons, Mike

Ma, Liangbin

Malecki, William

Mangum, Russell and Tamara

Manske, Barbara

Marhoefer, Ken and Kathleen

Marquez, Angelo and Nancy

Marshall, Bruce and Maria

Masuda, Allen and Setsuko

Mathis, Brian and Tara

Matthews, Tim and Nicole

Mattoon, Mitchel and Melody

Maurier, Timothy and Susan

McCoy, Sean and Michele

McGaffigan, Monnie

McGinty, John and Connie

McMillan, Samuel and Anda

McNab, Christine

McShane, Paul

Mellott, John and Laura

Mendoza, Jess and Sharon

Mercier, Nathan and Sandra

Mills, Jon and Nancy

Mitchell, Tim and Janet

Mottesi, Martin and Jelka

Moyer, Daniel and Sarah

Musgrave, Michael and Selene

Nakao, Seiichirou

Namdar, Sean and Neda

National Christian Foundation

Needham, Rick and Laura

Neuhoff, Clark and Celeste

Neuhoff, Ronald

Nguyen, Kenneth

Ni, Zhengxi

Noh, Hyunchul

Nomura, Tom and Kara

Odenwald, Bryan and Jamilett

O'Grattan, Michael and Karla

Oh, Soyoung

Olbricht, Arno and Denise

Ollin International

O'Malley, John and Carrie

O'Neal, Michael and Laura

Orange County United Way

Pak, Barb and Jae

Pak, Jessica

Papandrea, Christina

Park, Mi Ran

Park, Lisa Choi

Park, Young and Annie

Park, Ester

Paul, Mike and Maureen

Peak, James and Deirdre

Pindroh, John and Pam

Pino, Steve and Mary

Podlich, Bill and Pat

Pollinger, Dean and Sharon

Pratt, Jonathan and Kayse

Puls, Aaron

Qin, Xiongfei

Qiu, Xingchong

Que, Jingjia

Quimbita, Marcelo and Margoth

Ramstack, Kyle

Randall, John and Kim

Reed, Brian and Karen

Reed, Scott and Pam

Reuter, Christopher and Meredith

Rhodes, David and Cindi

Rick, Michael and Tracy

Rigoni, Ted and Kari

Rikimaru, Tyra and Gina

Robinson, Dave and Geri

Robinson, William

Rodebaugh, Michael and Angie

Rohmaller, Betty

Rose, Debra

Rowe, Howard and Monica

Rueter, Kenny and Kimberly

Rueter, Don and RoseAnn

Rutherford, Jon and Candice

Rydell, Nita

Salisbury, David and Lenora

Sardo, Guy and June

Schlichtemeier, Kent and Cindy

Schoenberger, Shelly

Schrage, Gordon

Schramm, Martin and Conni

Schumacher, Tim and Lanette

Sciarra, Jim and Barbara

Scurry, Leland and Tiffany

Selenskiwiltchik, Esther

Shibuya, Terry and Joyce

Shiery, Glen and Carolyn

Shim, Taeeob

Shumate, Colin

Sims, Carolyn

Sincich, David and Tobrene

Small Angels Foundation

Sok, Ryan and Eunjin

Song, HyeJung

Song, Chaewon and Heejin

Sonsma, William and Melissa

Sonsma Family Foundation 

Stebens, Andrew

Steddum, Michelle

Stokes, Jared and Kalie

Stuewe, Isabel

Sukut Real Properties 

Sun, Chunguang and Bo

Sun, Jiaxiang

Sutherland, Michael and Dana

Takeda, Penny

Takeda, Andrew and Mona

Talmage, Phyllis

Taylor, John and Julie

Taylor, Bret and Myra

Techsonic America

Teh, Daniel and Serene

Terence, Frank and Katrina

The Crean Foundation

Tian, Hongjiong

Tian, Hui

Toyota Matching Gifts

Travieso, Arthur and Liz

Tu, Sharon

Tunstall, Steve and Sue

Underwood, Brian and Allyson

Unke, Timothy and Laura

Vakil, Ketan and Shula

Valenta, Susan

Van Blarcom, Ron & Stephanie

Vargas, Joe and Cynthia

Vasquez, Andrew & Carrie

Victoria, Lois (Elizabeth)

Villegas, Javier and Odilia

Vlok, Nicolaas and Madeleine

Volz, James and Erika

von Kaenel, Tim and Amy

Vuong, Quyen

Walker, Brian and Kelsi

Walter, Ian and Erika

Wang, Mike and Kai

Wang, Lincheng and Juan

Wang, Chuliang

Wang, Xianchu

Warren, Roger and Nora

Werner, Rick and M.J.

Whitson, Jim

Wible, Doug

Wichmann, Don and Erika

Wiemann, Allison

Wild, Darren and Shawn

Williams, Alston and Sarah

Williams, Walter and Sandra

Williams, Kerry and Jennifer

Williams, Carol

Williams, Michael and Robin

Witt, Steve and Janice

Wong, James and Jennifer

Wood, Lance and Jeanie

Worthington, Glen and Karen

Wu, Wilson and Alena

Wu, Guoqing

Xia, Sen

Xia, Limin

Xiong, Haokun

Yakinian, Sako and Lauren

Yang, Myong Suk

Yang, Howard and Hay Kyung

Yang, Jim and Michelle

Yao, Xiaolong (Daniel)

Yezbak, George and Irene

Yin, Chaogang

Yoo, Sungwoo and Minha

Yoon, Hyun Joo

You, Zonglin and Jianrong

Young, Al

Yu, Wei

Zhang, Yi

Zhang, Shi Kun

Zhang, Min

Zhang, Jibin and Wuquin

Zhu, Kunming