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Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education

Our Champions

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. 2 Corinthians 9:11

Thank you to our champions who have made lead gifts to the Press On Campaign!

Duleep and Jamie Amarasuriya

Scott and Ann Ashmon

Bill and Cindy Bartlett

Jeffrey and Lisa Beavers

Frank and Lori Beniche

Jeffrey and Susan Berkel

Ken and Amy Beyer

The Birket Family

The Borland Family

Nicholas and Liann Brajevich

Steve and Carrie Caruthers

Budge and Carol Collins

The Crean Foundation

Paul and Kaye Doddridge

Hanyang Keving Dong & Family

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Eastin

Dr. Martin and Debra Eaton

Don and Wendy Garcia

Angelo and Despina Georggin

Mark and Hilda Ghassemi

Michael Hammerle, CLHS Alumnus

Bob and Keigh Lee Horn

Paul and Pam Jensen

Sara Wyejee Jung Family

Anil and Gita Kapoor

John and Lilian Kappos

The Fluor Foundation

Kramer Family Foundation

Nate and Terri Kretzmann

Rick and Kathy Leach

Arno and Denise Olbricht

Kimiya Leuteritz and David Van Overeem

Jerry and Emmalee Lezama

Russ and Tamara Mangum

Tim and Nichole Matthews

Sean and Michele McCoy

The McShane Family

Jon and Nancy Mills

Tim and Janet Mitchell

Daniel and Sarah Moyer

Clark and Celeste Neuhoff

Michael and Karla O'Grattan

Arno and Denise Olbricht

John and Carrie O'Malley

John and Pam Pindroh

Steve and Mary Pino

Juzhe Aaron Qiu Family

Steve and Michele Richardson

Ted and Kari Rigoni

David and Geri Robinson

Will Robinson, CLHS Alumnus

Peter A. Rydell and Norma Rydell

Walter and Nita Rydell

The Schoenberger Family

Gordon and Kathy Schrage

Martin and Conni Schramm

Taeeob Shim

Carolyn Sims

William and Melissa Sonsma

Brian and Allyson Underwood

Ketan and Shula Vakil

The Vlok Family

Donghao Darran Wang Family

Michael C. Wang

Kai Wang

Carol Williams

Steve and Janice Witt

Lance and Jeanie Wood

George and Irene Yezbak

Anonymous in Jesus’ Name - multiple donors