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Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education

Press On: The Campaign for Crean Lutheran

I press on to make it my own because Christ Jesus has made me His own. Philippians 3:12b

Press On: The Campaign for Crean Lutheran is an inspirational effort to raise $6,000,000 to provide the resources for the North Campus and to prepare us for our next decade of Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education as our students grow as Christians, Learners, and Servants. The promise of the North Campus rests not in its buildings, but in the opportunities the buildings provide for our students. Additional classroom space has increased the number of courses we can offer while preserving low class sizes. The Strength and Conditioning Center is providing an exceptional facility for our student-athletes to prepare for competition. In addition, specifically designed studios are strengthening and expanding the visual and performing arts programs we offer our students. Courtyards, lounges, lobbies, and meetings rooms have added a variety of public spaces for fellowship and collaboration among students, as well as among faculty and staff.

Our work on the North Campus expansion project was initiated with generous and sacrificial gifts from many of our current and alumni parents during the silent phase of Press On: The Campaign for Crean Lutheran.  We are excited to share that through these generous leaders, we have received over $3.8 million in gifts and pledges towards an inspirational $6 million goal! Praise be to God!

We now invite you to join God in his work at CLHS during the public phase of our campaign to complete this project with the Instrumental Music Studio, the Sculpture Studio, and the recently enhanced Saints Stadium.  We are praying for 100% participation from our entire Crean Lutheran community.

Please pray for our Press On campaign!  Together we will reach our goal and continue to develop our students to be faithful Christians, lifelong learners, and servant leaders.

With Great Joy and Anticipation,

Jeffrey Beavers & Nate Kretzmann

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The Master Plan

North Campus Expansion

North Campus Expansion Plan

Sculpture Studio

 But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

Sculpture Studio


Here are some highlights of the planned sculpture studio

  • An area to create large sculptures

  • A safe environment for firing clay (Kiln closed and locked)

  • Stimulating outdoor teaching experience

  • Ample space for using challenging tools and bulky materials, such as wood and metal, for creating advanced sculptures

  • A ventilated area for applying spray paint to projects

Meet Leah Dawson - CLHS Art Teacher

Since the opening of the North Campus in August 2018, I have been amazed by the impact of the extra space on student learning. We have room to not only create, but generous extra storage as well. With the addition of the centrally located art gallery, we can regularly show a large quantity of our student’s work.  We had our first on-campus art show in the fall, and the second one is scheduled in May 2019. We had never had this opportunity to show art to our CLHS families before! With more than double the storage space we had before, new materials are enhancing our student’s work, by the inclusion of bigger medium, such as wood and metal.  We also have enough space to add a second kiln, which will accommodate more students/classes for ceramics projects. As we had hoped, course offerings are expanding at an exciting rate. As an added benefit, the crossover with other departments, especially the performing arts, on the North Campus has been very beneficial. Visual and performing arts teams are forming especially strong bonds. We are holding monthly events for the benefit of all CLHS students rotating between art showcases, dance recitals, singing or drama performances, and instrumental performances.  I am passionate about seeing students excited to experience the arts, and I believe we are making strides in that direction.

"My faith grew the most when I became an artist.  I was created in His image, and created to create.  The arts allow for any kind of student to participate.  I want to open that world to all my students and help them choose a path...and have fun." - Leah Dawson, Art Teacher

The biggest need remaining for the Art Department at the North Campus is the planned outdoor sculpture studio.  We are in need of walls, doors, and a roof for both student safety and security. Since this space has not been completed, we do not have full ceramics class offerings right now.  Our curriculum is temporarily more restricted than it was in the past because the kiln cannot be used in the current space.

It has been exciting to see how the expansion of the North Campus has helped to uphold the school’s mission of Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education!  Students eagerly watched the process of construction on the North Campus.  We also created a group sculpture project, lovingly nicknamed “the Press On Hands” as a visual interpretation of the Press On Campaign’s key verse, Philippians 3:12b.   Improvements in growth of the school showcase our human creativity, reminding us that we were created in the image of God; we can now show the visual representation of the mission of the school even better than before.

During my time teaching at CLHS, I have felt very supported by the parents of art students.  Their involvement is extremely strong here, and reflects the love of Christ. Yet, it is the students who inspire me, probably every day!  The arts give a different forum for students to express their beliefs and their faith. Watching them grow through the changes on this campus has been very impactful. I  believe that self–image is a big one at this age, and I work on helping students to see themselves how God views them, through the process of creating self-portraits. They inspire me in my work, as well.

Saints Stadium Turf & Lights

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

New Saints Stadium Turf and Lights

  • Year round use for Saints Athletics
  • Superior Geo-Plus turn ensures health and safety
  • Stadium lights provide for day and evening use

Meet Coach Randall Reynoso - Head Football Coach

In my brief time as Football head coach, I have been amazed at the generosity of parents and their willingness to accept changes in our program and on our campus.   We are literally and figuratively growing! Of course we desire bigger teams, but those wishes are secondary to reaching the athletes with the mission of CLHS. Sometimes keeping a competitive spirit in balance with being true to who we are is tough - we want to compete at a high level, but it’s important to always filter our actions and attitudes through our Christian worldview.  The leadership of the Athletic department and the school keep the mission central. Spreading the Word of God and encouraging one another to glorify Christ is all important. We want to create a quality high school experience for the students that is genuinely pleasing to God.

The opening of the Strength and Conditioning Center in August 2018 has positively impacted the football program in multiple ways. The versatile weight room has added tremendous value, including the ability to open and close the huge bay doors, more strength and conditioning classes, extra platforms and racks, and a higher capacity to serve more players into the future.

We now have a team room at the new North Campus , that is specifically for football.  This room provides operating space for coaches and a central meeting location for training activities, such as chalk talks and training videos, with less transition time. Further, this room provides a centrally located, indoor space for fellowship, devotions, and team dinners.

The training field at the North Campus has greatly helped reduce transition times, allowing for an overlap of practice times between the various sports and teams at CLHS.

The new turf and lights in the Saints Stadium are benefitting the school immediately and for the long term. Currently, players in football, soccer, lacrosse, track/cross country, can benefit by allowing more teams to practice at the same time.  The naturally based, synthetic turf is a significant upgrade from grass and will help to prevent ankle and knee injuries by providing a consistent base.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,Colossians 3:23

"OUR team motto for football is expressed through the Purpose – Passion – Persistence triangle.  I want incoming prospective students to remember this logo and the meaning behind it, even before they come to CLHS."-Coach Randall Reynoso

Prospective student athletes, especially 7th and 8th graders, are taking notice of Crean Lutheran High School’s enhanced facilities. The athletic department sponsored a weight lifting clinic over last Christmas break for 7th and 8th grade students, a service to thecommunity that was never possible before the opening of our new facilities.  We have big plans to include more outreaches such as a speed and agility training clinic, also for prospective incoming students. Community youth groups may also benefit from our new field, should the school decide to lease to other teams, clubs or organizations.

Specifically for the Saints football program, it is my prayer to be able to add a JV football team next year.  We are taking steps in that direction with some new ideas for encouraging a larger number of incoming freshman athletes to participate in football. Although we have made major steps forward for the CLHS athletes, there remains a long term need to provide lockers and storage for gear bags closer to the fields as well as some state of the art equipment to accommodate a growing program.  

Instrumental Music Studio

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises! Psalm 98:4

The planned instrumental music Studio will include the following:

  • The tallest ceiling on the campus for excellent acoustics
  • Soundproofing inside the building
  • A recording studio
  • Appropriate and secure storage space for personal and school-owned instruments
  • A collaborative space where music students can rehearse with drama, choir, and dance
  • Performance space for on campus recitals and productions 

Meet Jonathan Pratt - Director of Instrumental Music

The upcoming construction of the Instrumental Music Studio will create quality space for our instrumental music programs.  We are entrusted with talented students coming into the school at an incredible rate – now they can have the space to perform at a high level furthering our mission of Proclaiming Jesus Christ with Excellence in all that we do.  Music is a powerful way to  proclaim the Gospel, and proclaiming the gospel proclaims Jesus in the lives of our students.

Since the opening of the North Campus in August of 2018, I have had mixed feelings as it relates to the instrumental music program.  It was admittedly disappointing that the funds were not available to build the instrumental music studio with the initial buildings, but after seeing the plans for this very unique space, it will certainly be worth the wait. The location and size of the  land that is designated for our program gives new hope – it is exciting to know that is where we are going to be; now we need the next step, a custom built studio to meet a wide variety of instrumental needs for our students.

The Instrumental Music Studio will empower and inspire our students from the moment it is built.  I would describe the building as a space dedicated to these very talented students for rehearsals, secure instrument storage, chamber performances and recitals. Having a space that is set aside for musicians/performers will reduce unnecessary stress on the students, providing more time connecting the music to the Creator of music, the Word made flesh, thus producing more faith-focused connections.  For the first time, we will have the ability to record in a dedicated recording studio. Students who need audition videos will no longer be referred out to other schools/universities for adequate presentation and sound quality. There will also be a significant time savings in class time and labor throughout the week. Our orchestra and concert band groups will not have to set up and take down for each rehearsal, which presently occurs 8-10 times per week, cutting into valuable learning/performing time.  

With the addition of the Instrumental Music Studio, the arts quad on the North Campus will be complete.  Performing and visual arts students will be together, creating a close performing arts community and providing ample collaboration opportunities for worship.  Further, our curriculum is expanding as we work toward the addition of the Instrumental Music Studio and the completion of the North Campus. With the additional space, we are able to expand our string program to meet the needs of our beginning and advanced performers by separating into string orchestra and symphony orchestra.  We also plan to add a men’s chorus in 2019-2020, as a result of expanding space.

Kids naturally sing, but they need to be taught…for example, I hope to open up the door to allow an athlete to also sing in one of our choirs. Maybe somewhere along the way, we can remove some stereotypes. 
Jonathan Pratt, Director of Instrumental Music

The mission field at Crean Lutheran is the students and their families.The students are hard workers, and the families are wonderful, headed by committed parents who simply want good things for their children. As an educator, I am privileged to teach the subject of music, that is in large part about balance.  As I work closely with these students, I have individual opportunities to mentor them in a lot of ways. I have the opportunity to show them both firmness and grace, similar to the way Christ demonstrated both the law and the gospel, so these students can journey into the rest of their lives understanding the balance that is required in life. The reminder that Jesus died for their sins so that they could be forgiven, can have a positive effect toward achieving a balance of hard work  and also know how to be still and rest in Him. This balanced approach is something I try to teach them as a life skill.

Looking into the future, we will continue to build on enhancing our performing space for the benefit of all CLHS Saints.  We look forward to having first a retrofitted performing arts space in the Event Center, and eventually a permanent Performing Arts Center where we can continue to be that light on the hill, where people can come and experience high quality productions on our campus and clearly see that Jesus and the faith of our school are intertwined through all that we do.

North Campus Photos