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For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

The ultimate measure of our program at Crean Lutheran is to build athletics around Christ. As we compete for "excellence in athletics", it is our desire to magnify HIS name in all that we do. Our program uses the following acronym to help us remember our purpose and decorum. It is to serve Christ.

C - Commitment
H - Honor
R - Responsibility
I -  Integrity
S - Sacrifice
T - Tenacity 


Remeny Perez - New Head Softball Coach

Crean Lutheran High School’s Athletic Department is excited to announce Remeny Perez as the new head softball coach. Remeny attends Saddleback Church and looks forward to sharing her faith and testimony with her players. She enjoys the challenge and freedom of owning and running her own business and looks forward to her role as head softball coach at Crean Lutheran High School.

Remeny is a Southern California native who grew up in Tustin and attended Tustin High School. Remeny was an elite member of the Tustin High School softball team, 4-year varsity starter, scholar athlete, two-time member of the 2nd team - All Empire League, two-time coaches award recipient, and earned a career batting average of .421.

Following high school, Remeny attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, to play division 1 softball. As a freshman, Remeny made an immediate impact on the field, starting the final 38 games of the season. She was honored as the runner-up for Newcomer of the Year recognition in her conference, was second in batting average, and had the best on-base percentage on the team. Remeny continued her amazing productivity on the field the next three years, starting at 1st base and posting a .273 career batting average with 15 career home runs and 60 career RBIs. She was not only dominant at the plate; she was also a great defender, posting a record setting .984 fielding percentage with 572 put-outs. Along with her work on the field, Remeny excelled in the classroom, earning academic honors in the Big Ten Conference three years and the Distinguished Scholar Award her senior year.

Remeny states, "It is a blessing to serve as the head coach for the Crean Lutheran Softball program! I am honored to teach these young women the game of softball in a Christian environment. My goal for these student-athletes is to grow their faith and assist them in learning how to make a difference in the lives of our community and the world. I can’t wait for the 2020 softball season! Go Saints!"

Team Accomplishments

Team Accomplishments

CIFSS Qaurterfinals 2018

CIFSS Playoffs 2012, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013

Aacdemy League Champions 2105, 2013

2018 Player Accomplishments

2018 Player Accomplishments

Spirit of Christ Award
Sara Chao

Academic Awards
Scholar Athletes (3.5GPA)
Hailee Daniel
Molly McNulty

Elite Scholar Athlete (4.0GPA)
Lindsey Allen
Anna Bjorklund
Naomi Hill
Emma Keiner
Jennifer Mazzarini
Alexis Ocana
Kiley O’Rourke
Alexis White

Elite Scholar Athlete of the year
Sara Chao

All-League 1st Team
Lindsey Allen
Alexis Ocana
Alexis White

All-League 2nd Team
Sara Chao
Sophia Han
Jennifer Mazzarini
Anna Bjorklund

Team Awards
 Lindsey Allen
Most Improved Emma Allen
Rookie of the Year Anna Bjorklund
Defensive Player of the Year Alexis White
Offensive Player of the Year Alexis Ocana



(2018) Lindsey Allen Hiram College

(2015) Tori Valdivia Abilene hristian University

(2012) Laura Ashe, Fort Lewis College

9 Reasons to Play Softball

Not sure if you should play high school softball?  Not sure if the team could use you?

Think again!!  We have high expectations for our upcoming season and we may be looking for you!!
Do you have experience, or know the game well?  Come out, use your talents, serve the school as a teammate and help us accomplish something great this year!!  
Do you have little to no experience but consider yourself  an athlete, perhaps a strong runner or a mentally tough person?  Let us teach you fundamental skills to be an effective member of our team, even on a reduced role if necessary.  
Help us represent CLHS well on some of the grandest fields in Orange County.  Together, lets promote CLHS in the best possible athletic light!!

Consider the following 9 reasons for playing this great sport.

  1. Serve the School! – What a fun way to use your athletic talents and skills to serve Crean Lutheran.  That’s right!  You can serve the school by using your athleticism to propel the program to the next level.  Who thought that serving/playing softball could be so much fun?  When you play for your school, even in multiple sports, you become a part of ALL the teams that also play for your school.  You share in common with the other high school athletes a special school connection.
  2. School Pride! – You get to play for your school, wear your school colors, and compete on behalf of your school against other schools.  There’s nothing else like it.  It’s a unique opportunity and sense of pride to be on the field with 8 other players and represent Crean Lutheran high school against other schools.
  3. Build Special High School Friends – Lots of lasting relationships begin on the fields of practice and competition.  You work with other sisters for the good of the team…many times in weather that’s less than perfect.  You work often with teammates against opponents where victories come to the team that learns to work together the best.  You learn to sacrifice for the good of your sisters.  The by-product is that you build friendships that last long after your years of high school years.  This is a HUGE reason why many girls play softball.
  4. Learn to be a Leader – The mission of the Crean softball team is to build character in the lives of young women so that they can be used of The LORD to draw others to HIM.  You learn to be reliable and dependable.  You learn to work hard towards common goals that are shared by the members of the team.  You learn to celebrate with your sisters in their success and to encourage them when things don’t go quite as planned.  You learn the mental side of the game necessary to execute the assignment at hand.  In short, you learn life lessons that serve you well the rest of your life.
  5. Be a Part of Some Big Rivalries – While the games I am speaking about may not compare to the likes of an Angels vs, Dodgers matchup, the rivalries with other schools can be pretty cool.  Every school has an arch rival about whom they don’t care for and against whom they summon up more emotion.  These rivalries are an exciting part of sports and are something that every athlete should get to experience.
  6. Exposure to Another Coaching Style – Learning how to take instruction from different coaches is like learning how to follow directions from different teachers or bosses.  It’s part of life.  Always playing for the same coach doesn’t broaden your horizons very much.  Playing softball can give you exposure to a different teaching style and temperament…both of which are great ways for you to expand yourself as a person and as an athlete.
  7. Cross Training – This one might not seem so obvious at first but the potential for enhancing different skill-sets is often over-looked.  It is said that one of the hardest things to do in all sports is hit a round ball with authority using a cylindrical object.  That’s because it takes at least two main skill sets.  On the physical side of the game, the hand-eye coordination and the tracking of a moving ball that softball players develop is crucial to the success of this task.  On the mental side of the game, the softball player learns to manage the emotions of the game and to create the mental images that produce the poise and confidence that lead to hitting success.  In just these two skill sets, softball players can generally improve their over-all athleticism no matter what their favorite game is.
  8. Get to Play Another Position – I believe that a HUGE advantage of playing high school ball is that you can possibly either learn to play another position or else get more playing time at your second position. Often because of the makeup of the team, the versatility gained by learning another position makes you more valuable for future endeavors.
  9. Participate in one of the Most Popular High School Sports program in the Nation – Statistics state that softball is the 4th most popular high school female sports program in the nation.  Many adult softball players have grown up playing for their high schools.  It’s why nationwide, adult softball leagues are so popular.

The Crean Lutheran Softball team is looking for a few more student athletes.  Come join us on the field and see for yourself what all of this fun is all about.


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