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Athletic Clearance & Physical Forms

Per CIF rule, a student must complete an annual physical before trying out, practicing, or participating in interscholastic athletic competition. This process needs to be completed for each academic school year. Clearance is required and must be completed before summer workouts/practices.

Actions required for clearance are a two step process. 

  1. A signed and dated physical from a doctor. Physicals are valid for a 1 year period from the date on the physical form. The Physical Form is below. If you are using last year's physical that has not expired yet you must still upload it again for this calendar year.

  2. Complete the online clearance process and submit the physical evaluation at

The physical evaluation must be uploaded online to complete the athletic clearance. Parent and athlete must sign before uploading. 
Upload online only. Do not mail or drop off at Crean Lutheran.

Physical Form

Click here for detailed directions

Note: Multiple Sport Athletes- At the start of every new sport season, you will need to sign into your account at and sign up for that particular sport. Completing this process keeps rosters and medical information updated at all times during the school year.

Please contact the following if you have any questions about the clearance process:
Mr. Mitchel Mattoon - Manager of Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainers |

IMPORTANT: Please keep emergency contact information and health history current at ALL times on your son/daughter's athletic clearance account. When changes are made please notify the Athletic Department and your Coach immediately.