Visual Arts

In the beginning, God CREATED the heavens and the earth.  Genesis 1:1

The Visual Arts program at Crean Lutheran High School provides a healthy environment for students to cultivate creativity and see Christ in the world around them. Students develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts through the courses: Exploratory Art, Honors Exploratory Art, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture I & II, Photography I & II, Graphic Design I, Advanced Art, and AP Art.

Each course incorporates a Christian worldview and focuses on the idea that we create because we are created in the image of God. Through the visual art program, students will leave with the understanding of the creative process, historical context, visual communication, and applications that connect to real life experiences.

Art Offerings

Exploratory Art

An introductory course that covers why we make art. Students will learn art history, the Elements and Principles of design, the creative process, and 2D and 3D mediums.

No Prerequisite

Honors Exploratory Art

For incoming Freshman with talent, experience, or passion for developing as an artist. Teaches the same content at Exploratory art, but at a faster pace and more in-depth study, also, with more focus on drawing and painting.

Challenge Test Required

Drawing and Painting

This course teaches how to draw and paint using different mediums and techniques. It focuses on observational drawing with weekly sketchbook assignments to help enhance and define drawing skills.

Prerequisite: Exploratory Art or Honors Exploratory Art

Advanced Art

This course is designed to further students experience in 2D technical skills, observational drawing, visual communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, medium exploration, color theory, and understanding art history.  The body of work created in this course will begin to develop a college portfolio, AP portfolio, and contend for various gallery exhibitions.

Prerequisite: Challenge Test or Drawing and Painting


Artists learn the history of art and photography, study their camera as a tool and learn how to shoot in manual, understanding the exposure triangle and how to use it to create meaningful work. We study famous photographers and explore portraiture, light, and conceptual imagery by communicating a story visually.

Prerequisite: DSLR or Mirrorless Camera, Offered to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Honors Photography II

In Honors Photo II, students will learn many new technical skills about their camera, go more in-depth with understanding natural light, studio flashlight, lenses, and learn Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. In addition to growing technology, students will also learn the Elements and Principles of design, and develop their ability to communicate conceptual ideas.

Prerequisite: Photography I

Graphic Design

This course is an introduction to the skill of graphic design by using Adobe's creative cloud. Students will study design in art history, keep a visual sketchbook, and create their own works of art. This course will cover design, layout, and typography, not digital painting techniques (that will be in Graphic Design II).

Prerequisite: Exploratory Art or Honors Exploratory Art

Sculpture I

This course is an introduction to 3-D Design as it pertains to ceramics and sculpture. They will leave this class with a strong idea of experimenting with a variety of materials and a better understanding of the elements and principles of design through 3D design.

Prerequisite: Exploratory Art or Honors Exploratory Art

Sculpture II

Artists continue to develop mastery in approach, ideation and use of materials to communicate ideas in 3D form. Students will also continue to develop their skills in ceramics and sculpture, as well as learn more about art history and the creative approach.

Prerequisite: Sculpture I

AP Art

This is the highest level art class you can take in high school, as it is a college level. In this course, you create your own body of work, 12 pieces, that are about an idea or concept of your choice. You choose the size, medium, composition and execute the creation every two weeks.

Prerequisite: Advanced Art, Photography II, Sculpture II or Graphic Design II

Artist of the Year Awards

2018 Orange County Register
Artist of the Year in 3d visual arts: jung min lee

Senior Jung Min Lee was named the Orange County Register's 2018 Artist of the Year in 3D Visual Arts.
"Issues that deeply concern Lee include the plight of Syrian refugees and the carnage of the October mass shooting in Las Vegas. Her provocative work on such topics has earned her the honor of being named the Orange County Register’s 2018 Artist of the Year in 3D visual arts." -Theresa Walker, OC Register

2017 Orange County Register
Artist of the Year in 3d visual arts: Zoe Zhou

Senior Zoe Zhou was named the Orange County Register's 2017 Artist of the Year in 3D Visual Arts.
"Art classes gave her an outlet – to be around other children, to express her fears. Later, when she came to the United States to live with a host family while attending high school, she felt that isolation and fear again, partly because of her language skills. So, again, she spoke through her art. 'With a pencil in hand, I showed the world what was in my mind without having to worry about my accent or poor vocabulary. My paintings were more than just beautiful pictures on a canvas; they gave me a voice, a way to uniquely illustrate my point of view.' " - Theresa Walker, OC Register


2015 Orange County Register Visual Artist of the Year - Tiffany Chung

Dahye "Tiffany" Chung was selected in May of 2015 as the Orange County Register's Visual Artist of the Year. Dahye began drawing as a young child in South Korea.  She is now a senior preparing for her last finals and moving on to Carnegie Mellon University where she will pursue a degree in Communications.
Dahye is interested in the natural world and what happens when the natural world intersects with the artificial. She works in a variety of mediums, including origami and embroidery, to express her passion. Dahye was selected from a pool of applicants by a team of artists, museum curators, and art teachers.