Then maidens will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. Jeremiah 31:13

Our dancers get a well-rounded dance education and foster an appreciation and awareness for the arts. The CLHS Dance program was created for dancers of all levels: Dance 1, Hip Hop1, Hip Hop 2, Dance 2, Dance 3, Musical Theater Dance, Dance Ensemble/Ministry (Advanced Dance), and Dance Company (Honors Advanced Dance). Please see school catalog for course descriptions.

Through the performing arts, we are given the chance to express God’s beauty to others. This ministry aims to be a light that shines for God, not our own personal glorification. In this posture of worship, we desire to actively participate in realizing God’s call for the CLHS Arts.

Busy year planned for Crean Lutheran’s dance programs

"Praise Him with timbrel and dancing, praise Him with the strings and pipe... Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:4-6

It’s going to be a busy year for Crean Lutheran’s Dance Ensemble and Dance Company programs. 


In August, members of the Dance Ensemble began “learning choreography for one of the pieces the group will present at chapels throughout the year,” said Megan Morphis, dance teacher.
“We will be visiting four to five feeder schools this semester where we will lead chapel with a few student-led messages/devotions as well as two to three dances,” Morphis said. “This is a great opportunity for our dance students to share their love and gift of dance with elementary and junior high students. We may also have an opportunity to share our dances in a CLHS chapel.”
Other activities are planned this year. “In October, we will have an event called ‘A Night of Praise and Dance’ with some of the other dance classes and the worship team,” Morphis said. “This isn't a performance but a night where students and families have the opportunity to come together to worship God through music and dance as well as supporting a local charity or organization that our dance officers select.”
Then in December, all of the performing arts classes will come together for the Joy of Christmas performance. “Dance Ensemble will perform one to two dances to celebrate Jesus' birth in a fun, family friendly concert,” Morphis said.
Morphis said the program will follow its Bible verses throughout the year.

“Dance Ensemble has a special place in my heart because we get to focus not only on growing in our technique and training but also how dance is a gift that God has given us and that we have to opportunity to worship Him through our movement as a way to thank Him for who He is and what He has done for us,” Morphis said. “He gave us our breath and our bodies as instruments to give Him the glory and it is so amazing to watch dancers move not just for themselves, but for God.”


The Crean Lutheran Dance Company is also planning a number of activities, according to Christina Papandrea, one of the instructors. It will take part in a homecoming rally in the middle of September. There will also be a fall Benefit Dance Concert on Tuesday, Oct. 8 in which students choreograph their own pieces in two groups. In addition, a Treasure the Truth event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 2. “This is the girls favorite event,” Papandrea said. A Joy of Christmas Show will be planned before the Christmas break. Then in the New Year, there will be a second pep rally, a HALO Dance for Autism, a USA Dance competition and a spring dance concert,  Papandrea added.


2019 Orange County Register
Artist of the Year in Dance: Irene Kim

Junior Irene Kim was named the Orange County Register's 2019 Artist of the Year in Dance.
"In addition to technique and skill, it was Kim’s artistic inquisitiveness that helped lead her to top honors in the concert dance specialty and to be named the overall Artist of the Year in dance." -Greg Mellen, OC Register.

Dance Courses

Dance 1

This is class is a non- auditioned class open to all male and female dancers. No experience necessary. Students will learn the fundamentals to all genres of dance and prepare for the end of the year dance showcase. No Audition required!

Dance 2

Dance 2 is continuing to brush up skills and technique that was learned from dance 1. They move at a quicker pace and work on achieving personal goals. Students will work on flexibility, learning progressions for across the floor and center floor work. Students will learn routines for the big end of the year showcase. Audition is required!

Dance 3

Dance 3 is an auditioned group of students who will continue to be challenged for a higher level. Students learn to find their creative voice as a dancer and learn to choreograph for themselves. Dancers have an intermediate/advanced understanding of dance history, terminology, and choreography elements. These dancers prepare for three major concerts throughout the year. Audition is required!

Advanced Dance

This class is known as dance ensemble, our dance ministry. These dancers perform at all the major concerts and attend off campus chapel visits. Students work at the advanced level by learning choreography quickly, a clear understanding of vocabulary, and having a mature understanding of how dance is used as worship. Students have a good foundation of ballet technique and open to different styles of dance. Audition is required!

Honors Advanced Dance

This class is known as dance company and is our competition team. This class is a well diversed class doing many different styles of dance. We do two to three competitions a year, two pep rallies, dance festivals, benefit concerts, featured in the spring musical, and perform in three school concerts a year. Students work on developing their own choreography and finding their own artist voice as an artist. All students should be very proficient with dance terminology and learns choreography at the advanced level. Audition is required!

Hip Hop 1

Students will learn basics of hip hop and how to put dances together. Must have a passion and interests to learn. Students do not have to have any prior experience. Students will perform at the end of the year dance showcase.  No Audition Required!

Hip Hop 2

This class serves as our hip hop team. They compete at least two or three competitions a year and perform at two pep rallies. Students must have a good understanding of hip hop history, terminology, and ability to retain choreography. Students will perform at two major concerts a year.  Audition is required!

Musical Theater Dance

Students will learn the basics of musical theater dance and focusing on jazz and tap technique. Students will develop a connection between dancing, musical rhythm, character development, and learn a variety of musical theater dance styles and build performance skills. Students will participate in the spring musical and create their own Jukebox showcase. Audition required!