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For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Crean Lutheran officially open?

The first day of school was Monday, August 31, 2007.

Where is the school located?

Crean Lutheran High School is located at 12500 Sand Canyon Irvine, CA.  Corner of Portola Parkway and Sand Canyon.

What grade levels are presently being served?

Our 2018-19 academic year will educate and serve 800 students, 9th-12th grade. 

What is the estimated enrollment capacity?

The school's enrollment is expected to grow to somewhere around 1,200 students. 

What is the average class size?

Crean Lutheran’s average class size is approximately 20 students per class. Specific class sizes will vary depending upon subject matter.

Does a student have to be Lutheran to attend Crean Lutheran?

No. Crean Lutheran is open to all students (families).  However, Crean Lutheran will teach and operate from a Christian worldview perspective.  While Crean Lutheran is a Lutheran school and is anchored firmly in the evangelical heritage of Reformation theology in which salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is foundational (please see our "belief statement" on our web site) and is to be proclaimed to all, Crean Lutheran also recognizes and respects the "enormous common ground of Christianity" (C. S. Lewis) and the rich heritage of the broader Christian Church. 

What are the vaccine requirements?

Required vaccinations needed for applicants:
Polio (OPV or IPV)= 4 vaccinations
DTP (Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis OR tetanus and diphtheria)= 5 vaccinations
Tdap (Booster)= 1 vaccine
MMR (Measles, mumps, rubella)= 1 vaccine
Hep B= 3 vaccinations
Varicella (chickenpox)= 1 vaccine

How is the school day structured?

Classes are in session Monday - Thursday, 7:55 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.  Friday, 8:40 a.m. - 2:35p.m. Most athletic teams meet during 5th period, which is 2:40 - 5:00pm daily. Crean Lutheran’s schedule is a modified block schedule. Students attend 4 periods per day (80 minute periods).  Modified Block scheduling allows for more flexibility, and leads to additional creative curriculum planning which a traditional bell schedule would not allow.

What is Crean Lutheran’s educational philosophy?

At its core, Crean Lutheran will be about Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education. This means each faculty, staff, and administrative member is charged with teaching and modeling the Gospel message at all times, and in every way. The Lutheran Church has a rich history of success in doing so, as the Lutheran school system is the largest Protestant school system in the United States. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Education, in a survey, ranked the Lutheran system of private education highest academically among all other schools, including public, Catholic, charter, other Protestant, or other private schools. 

What will the school's curriculum offerings be?

Crean Lutheran High School offerz a comprehensive curriculum, including a full complement of honors and AP classes as well as access to online classes that meet or exceed California State Frameworks standards and satisfy the University of California's A-G list for college admissions and planning purposes. Additionally, Crean Lutheran offers college courses on campus during the school day as a part of our Early College Program.

What kind of athletic program does Crean Lutheran Offer?

CLHS is a part of the Empire League and offers 26 Varsity sports with Junior Varsity and some Frosh/Soph levels, also.

How does Crean Lutheran accommodate students interested in the performing & visual arts, leadership, and club activities?

Crean Lutheran offers a number of different performing and visual art classes. Crean Lutheran has a dedicated Choir Room, Band Room, Dance Room and Art Studio. Crean Lutheran has a Servant Leadership Team (SLT) that helps plan student activities and has over 70 different clubs to accommodate the interest of all our students.

Are uniforms required?

Crean Lutheran believes that the student's appearance is important and has an impact on his or her attitude, behavior, and performance. As a sign of mutual respect for one another and for the creation of an environment of safety and excellence in education, Crean Lutheran has a dress and personal appearance code. All students are required to purchase a uniform. A variety of uniform styles and costs will be available to provide choices in style and affordability for families and student preferences. We believe that the presence of uniforms alleviates distractions, promotes unity, and establishes a norm that reduces stress and peer pressure associated with adolescent dress. 

Is Crean Lutheran a closed campus?

Yes. Once students arrive on campus for their academic day, they may not leave the campus without permission from the Attendance Office.  School personnel and our campus supervision team are visible during the day and evening when students are present to assist with supervision needs.  Parents are asked to pick up students in a timely manner when school is dismissed to prevent loitering.  All visitors on the campus are required to check in and obtain a visitor's badge from the School Office prior to entering the campus.

What is the cost of tuition, and are there other costs?

Tuition for the 2020-21 school year is $17,490, tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $16,690. Tuition includes a ACT/SAT courses from The College Blueprint. Additional expenses include registration fee ($600), uniforms (est. $400), books (est. $500 - 600), and participation fees for extracurricular activities.

Can CLHS assist us with identifying rideshare opportunities from our area?

Absolutely. CLHS maintains an updated rideshare directory to connect motivated families who wish to share this responsibility. To be placed on this list, a family simply needs to complete the rideshare directory form and return it to the front office. 

Can I access my student’s schedule of classes and grades online?

Each student may access his/her schedule of classes online through Canvas, a collegiate web-based course management system.  Students and parents are each taught how to access this information as part of the technology training class CLHS provides.

Does the school have a food vendor that provides nutrition break and lunchtime fare?

Yes, a well-respected vendor provides food service to numerous schools around Southern California, provides service during nutrition break and during lunch.

What time does the campus open in the morning, and when does it close in the afternoon?

CLHS opens each day at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 4:00 p.m. (except for teams and/or clubs with staff supervision).

How can I make sure that I’m receiving all the latest information from the school?

Crean Lutheran is committed to making sure its families remain informed. Please email the Marketing Department at

Let the Marketing Department know who you are and your connection to Crean Lutheran so you can be placed on the proper email/mailing list.